Well, I’ve been published in the Cadaverine online journal (to read it: http://www.thecadaverine.com/?p=4150). The story is called ‘Remembering’ and is a story about war and its affects on people- even those who have never lived through it. I am very fortunate that it went live on the 3rd November- very topical I feel.

I began the story in a class at Nottingham University, and it pretty much wrote itself which is not something I experience often. I hope you enjoy it. I’m posting it here too, just in case something happens to it.

I ‘bet’ my Mum that I’d be published in my first year at university, and the morning of my first lecture of year two I received the email that the piece had been accepted. I feel this counts! I have also been published in the Nottingham University Anthology this year, and will be running it next year- something I look forwards to very much. I hope to continue to work on my writing and eventually get more published. But it started here.


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