Comic Bodies and a Request

This week I attended a ‘mini-symposium’ on Comic bodies. Talks and talking, networking happened! There was a small audience in attendance, and everyone was friendly and happy to discuss anything from comics to writing. A few days ago (I think) BRICK aka John Stuart Clarke visited my university and gave a talk on his writing life and…well… anything we asked him about. It was an excellent talk, he had us laughing and learning all at once.

I’ve begun doodling some little one-panel comics, mostly of a political nature since then, and was inspired by this event to do a few more. I’m been editing them in Photoshop in a ‘Private Eye’ style, but they don’t look right somehow.

Anyway, back the symposium. I began talking to Paula Knight, especially about ME/CFS. A page she’d brought along explained how I feel most of the time frighteningly well. (Take a look: So, we were chatting and she ASKED ME FOR MY CARD. This has never happened before, and I admit I was unprepared. No card, no strong details or way for her to remember who I was afterwards. This needs to change, and soon.

And back to BRICK, who has a competition for submissions based on his work on ‘Depresso’. Pippa Henessy and I are collaborating- or at least- this is the plan. She’s writing, I’m drawing (and probably editing too.) We met up in B&J in Beeston to discuss ideas, and I gave a lot of information about myself and troubles I have had. I left, feeling like I had given too much away, but I’m glad I shared.

That’s all for now, it’s a little hectic here at the moment.



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