Anthology Launch

The Anthology is launched! After a year of networking, organizing, editing and typesetting- it’s been ‘born’ and is out into the world.

I’ve typeset it, run a launch, readings, recorded my piece and others, undertaken lots of networking, learnt how to do finance forms…the list goes on. I’ve also written the entries for which contains much more information on the project (and pictures.)

I am so proud of the work undertaken by the writers and artists at the school of Education, and glad I worked with them- and will continue to work with them this coming academic year.

I can see where the book sits on my bookshelf from my desk. I did that. I put it there. With the help of Christian Ashton and Pippa Henessy, we made it from the collected efforts of students. I’m in there too! Two stories and a photograph. In the last anthology I had two stories and a graphic poem- what will next year bring I wonder?



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