You are not Joseph Roth

Today I attended the meeting for our third year projects and Nottingham University. There is a lot of work to be done. I will be using my 60 credits (half of the year’s work!) and creating a portfolio career. Or at least, taking steps towards it. I will be working on myself as a writer, getting discipline, making a writer platform (of which this blog plays a part) and attempting to get published more. Shadowing opportunities, work from various channels and typesetting is to follow. For my final Nottingham Advantage Award module, I will be working with the Jubilee Press as an editor, which will help my editing and generate a portfolio of academic writing that I have edited professionally. That’s the master plan. There is a rather confused spider diagram in my journal too.

Yesterday a story of mine was workshopped in class, and possibly the most useful thing was said my Adrian Bucker, our tutor. ‘You are not Joseph Roth.’ He has the unfortunate habit of not finishing some sentences while speaking, but I understand and am thankful to him. Two years at university are not going to make me an acclaimed author. Only I (with liberal application of elbow grease, hard work and a forgiving keyboard) can do that.

I shouldn’t- but I do- compare my work to others. Not my classmates either, but to writers and artists who have worked solidly for years and reached ‘success’. This often disheartens me, and in the case of the story I am currently working on, I stopped looking for the good parts to make the most of, and considered all of it rubbish. Yet my class liked it. When the whole room is telling me one thing, and I think another, it does make me consider ‘am I wrong?’ In this case, I do hope they are right.

I hope they’re right, and I’m sure I can do this.



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