After the anthology, Andrew Graves (the MulletProofPoet) was asking around on facebook if someone could give him a few lessons in photoshop. He wanted to make a flyer for his group ‘Speech Therapy’, a group of Nottingham Poets. I offered to help him with the flyer, and here’s how it went.


In progress. I began the layout while at a geeky house party for RPG soc, and without my tablet I was rather frustrated at my laptop. When I returned and all things were forgiven between my stylus and I, I found a few bugs with Quark Xpress (publishing software), which meant I spent ages redoing and redoing the whole thing- completely baffled.

As it turns out, Quark is not a fan of new fonts, nor .tiff images. It will allow me to use them, right up to the moment I want to export the layout as a .pdf file. But here it is:


In other news, my coursework is not going as well as I had hoped and my university email system is not allowing me to send anything to my lecturers. It seems I cannot have my cake and eat it this month.


3 thoughts on “Typesetting

  1. Kingyo Shan says:

    Hiya Emily, I think you may have mistaken MulletProof (Andrew Graves) with Andrewy Henley, one of my classmates. As far as I know, Andrew Henley isn’t much into poetry … although that could have changed by now.

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