Love and Lace

Nottingham has a new festival next February, entitled ‘Nottingham Festival of Words’ and this year’s theme is ‘love and lace.’ The call for submitting event proposals went out, and I’d been toying with the idea of sending something in. I then went to have a chat with Pip about our submission for BRICK’s graphic competition, and the next thing I know she’s helping me plan my talk. She also proved to me that I could do it.Image

Above: A snippet from Dave McKean’s ‘Arkham Asylumn: A Serious House on Serious Earth.’

I closely follow the work of Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, and am learning from them each time I relax with one of their books, and more when I look about myself, and any time I feel I need a refresher course I just pick up another volume. I recently brought Black Orchid- a book I had had some difficultly finding. It has a complex narrative, and I don’t think I’ve found everything treasure in it’s pages just yet.

I hope my proposal is chosen and that I get to teach a little, talk a little and learn a lot next February.

Passionate about comics? Come along 🙂


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