Planting Seeds

Today everyone’s feeling a little under the weather, and I’m taking a step back and looking at everything I’ve been doing and preparing for over the last few weeks.

I sent in a proposal for Nottingham’s new annual event, the ‘Nottingham festival of Words’ which I’m waiting to hear back from. I’ve also been continuing with my book… well, I say book- it’s now turned itself into a script. I decided that it would be better this way, as the use of subtitles will make the dialogue much simpler. (The main character is mute- which is interesting to write at least!) I developed a way of doing her dialogue to include the quirks of deaf sign language, but it’s not easy to read. So, I thought, why not write it as a film? 8,000 words turned into nothing more than planning in an instant. Ho, hum. I’ve written 3 pages of the script and I do think it works better this way. I’ll probably decide that it was better as a novel when I’m another 8,000 words in!

What else have I been up to? Writing crochet patterns. I created a series of sock puppets a while ago, and the pattern is almost ready to be typed up and typeset. I need to do a photoshoot, and will rope in some ‘enthusiastic’ friends for this. My etsy shop will soon go live, and I hope it’ll generate a little pocket change from my hobbies to help me out while I’m at university.

I’m (struggling) to read a very interesting book on the theory of creative writing. It’s called ‘Writing as Creative design’ and it demystifies the whole process of imagination. It’s very comforting to think of writing and inspiration, not as something for the privileged few, but something which can be worked at, which depends on appropriate ideas meshing their way together. It makes sense, or at least, the writer is much clearer at explaining these ideas than I am.

I may have some more design tasks on the horizon- which I am very excited about- and am working with Pippa Henessy to create a submission for BRICK’s new graphic memoir collection.


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