Do you remember…

Do you remember a post where I mentioned the Nottingham Festival of Words? No? If you scroll down, it shouldn’t be far away. Well, after a day melting in the furious summer sun, I had an email:

‘Thank you very much for submitting your event proposal(s) for the Nottingham Festival of Words. We’d love to work with you to include your event(s) in the festival.’

…and I should be hearing more from them next week. Fantastic! So this time next February- all things permitting- I’ll be standing in front of a group interested in comics and showing them what I’ve learnt so far. This will go a long way in my third year project (I hope!) Other things I wanted to work on over the summer…and the one thing I really need to get sorted- my writing and reading routine. I’m not happy when I haven’t scribbled something down every day. Unfortunate but true. It’s harder when I’m on holiday and I have no fixed schedule. 

For now I’ve been enjoying a little of the Kent-ish summer, and moaning about it in true English style. Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some crochet patterns and will have an Etsy store up and running soon. Hopefully it will equal out the amount I spend on craft supplies, and gives me practice in typesetting.

Bye for now,





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