Busy week

After coming back from Canterbury, its been a week to remember. We’ll be sending my brother Andrew off to America for a year, and the house has been full of boxes which moved from room to room. He’s taking two suitcases, but I don’t know how he does it without a kindle- I’d need two just for books πŸ™‚

I’m just curling up for an evening to watch a film with my Mum, and thought I’d update my blog.

I went to a comic symposium a while ago and started to talk to a illustrator, who asked me for my card. Like a deer in headlights I was forced to reply, ‘I haven’t got one, sorry.’ Well, I’ve worked on designing one, as part of my typesetting portfolio too. In fact, I’ve been up to more design than writing this week, and if you read on, I think you’ll see why.

I used a self-portrait I drew a while ago, and hopefully once the cards are on their way it will help me to get some projects. Who knows? I’ve had a request to design a card for a writer and press. I’m just waiting to get the brief, and then I’ll continue.

I’m also working on a series of pages with the marvelous Pippa Hennessy for BRICK’s competition (http://www.brickbats.co.uk/). ‘Drawn From Distress to Recovery’ is a call for graphic memoirs, about recovering from distress and anxiety. Pippa’s script is about self-harm, and I’m illustrating. I’ve worked for two days on these, and Pip seems to like them πŸ™‚

… and here they are, my efforts so far!

I’ve been asked to make some crocheted animals for a friend, I made a pattern to go with it, typeset it and have opened an esty store. Maybe I can generate some funds to equal out my craft and art expenses. For now I’m going to try to relax and write this holiday.

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