Having said…

… that I haven’t been getting much done this holiday, I’m going to recap here.

I’m waiting on the acceptance of a submission to BRICK’s graphic memoir submission, a collaboration I’m working on with Pippa. I’m really enjoying working with her- its odd to think that two years ago we hadn’t met, but now we’re producing a comic.

Pippa also encouraged me to submit an event proposal for the Nottingham Festival of Words on ‘Writing Comics’. They have accepted! At 3pm on Saturday 16th February, I’ll be delivering my talk. I have two hours. I’ve written four pages so far, and that’s not everything I want to cover. There’ll be a slideshow with examples, and possibly a handout covering the talk for those that want it.

It’s a little difficult to continue writing it at the moment, *sob* I don’t have Adobe or Quark on my laptop. I’m just waiting for them to arrive. Did you know the student versions are about £200 where as the ‘normal’ cost is more than £2k? So that’s a definite ‘to do’ before I leave university.

I’ve just returned from a little break in Nottingham, and it’s very quiet at home. Catherine is in London, and my brother has flown to America for his third year. I will not see him for 9 months to a year, depending on when he feels like returning to sunny, sunny England. In the unexpected peace, I’ve been playing at a few short stories, which I hope to edit and submit during the next academic year. Who knows if they’ll be published? I certainly don’t.

The stories seem to have taken on darker themes. The first is about a boy who tries to capture and look after animals- only for his ‘caring’ instincts to go horribly wrong, the next about a seamstress’ assistant who’s desire for a promotion leads others into danger, and the third? I’m going to keep that to myself for a little longer.

Thanks for reading,



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