With this month drawing to a close, I thought I’d update those who care to read on what has been a very busy month. I’m back in Nottingham, back to the student life of lie-ins followed by mind-crippling work- broken up by wonderful friends and Sims 3. (I have to relax sometimes ūüôā )

First, the most fun I’ve been having while at home- making things.

I couldn’t stop after just one, could I?

I made my first puppet quite a while ago, bored and needing to make something for my sister for her birthday. She studies drama, so I thought ‘Why not make a critter for her to¬†practice¬†her lines with?’ Having just learnt crochet, it was not enough to make a regular sock puppet. I wrote down the pattern as I went, and am working on producing it to sell on etsy once it is perfected.

(Ignore the photographer’s shadow, we could not get the right light for several days, then I had to go to uni.) I do think the puppets look good together.

I’ve also been doing a little costume making for LARP (live action roleplay) hobbyists in Kent. In true drama-queen style, my sister said ‘This is what you should be doing!’ and that my costumes were of a professional standard. I have to say I enjoy the process of creation, no matter what it is. Often I end up making strange toys and delights for birthday gifts. I only hope I can continue forever, but it is not necessarily what I want to ‘do’. Maybe as part of a whole range of activities?

And the writing front? A short story I’m working on has now grown to¬†3785 words and the whole story¬†isn’t written¬†down yet. I’ve been ‘puddling’, and will fill in the gaps in the narrative later.

I’m waiting t hear back from NAWE about a critique service they will be running for free (yippee,) as I hope to get some more opinions about a book I’ve been working on. Should I continue? How can I improve? I’m hoping they can tell me.

Today I applied for various online article writing positions, having been prompted by Angela (a lovely lady on my course) at¬† (which is now sadly closed). I’m definitely¬†interested, but between LGBT,¬†recipe, political and feminist, I’m not sure any take my fancy enough to write on that topic alone.

Not only would I like to continue with a SMALL online ¬†literary publication of my own (, but I have an idea for a webcomic I would like to pursue. I’ll write some script and see where that gets me. If I’m still interested, I’ll draw a few pages, if that works….who knows what might happen.


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