The Most Powerful Thing About You

…is probably my appearance, and even then, my glasses. I have yellow tinted lenses, not for any aesthetic purpose, but because I have Irlen syndrome, a visual perception disorder.

I’ve been searching for a publisher for a proposal (I have to write for class) commercial fiction. I made a list, then went online to get up to date information and narrowed my choices down to Constable and Robinson (who only want a cover letter, synopsis and one sample chapter), Tor (who only accept shorter fiction up to 12-17k words) and Snow books (who would want the WHOLE manuscript and a short cover letter.)

Scribbles and Sacred texts

Here we have pictured the ‘Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2012′, a book which I have used for my studies. We tailor our submissions to a certain publisher, which we find within this book. Not that I’ve sent any off, as you have to write the whole book- and with my studies I haven’t had the chance (not to say I haven’t been continuing when I can.) But hopefully, a few articles I’m writing might just find their way to the various magazines listed within its pages. And who knows? I might get some non-fiction published.

In more news, I was chatting to Andy (owner of ‘Chimera’, an independent comic book and ccg games shop in Beeston) about my comics talk and he offered to put up info about it, helping me to sell tickets. So of course, I ask Pippa if there is a booklet of events- and now I’ll be typesetting it. I’m very excited. 32 page booklet, and a weight off of a friend’s shoulders. I call that a win.

I’m working on my ‘writers platform’ too, and if you’re reading this its likely you’ve been redirected from

After some discussion with course-mates about how we write, I have been thinking that while the BA at Nottingham has given be time to write, and will hopefully end in a qualification, I don’t think my writing has improved much. Reading over some work from before university, which was written freely, without worry of deadlines or that any one was going to read it, I think it’s much better. Of course, time spent away from work is always good. I structure work for university in a different way. If I write for fun, I’m a seat-of-pants puddler (meaning I set off without planning and while in puddles, filling in the gaps later.) For uni, I plan and plan, and focus on getting to the word count, rather than good prose. Something to work on in this last year, especially with the freedom my third year project offers me…

…and on that bombshell, over and out.



One thought on “The Most Powerful Thing About You

  1. Cat says:

    I love reading about your life, I would blog too I should really on the work I do but I don’t like writing about myself. x

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