Hello there, new updates for those that have ten minutes to spare,

As far as I’m concerned autumn is over. Most of the coloured leaves have fallen, and tonight the temperature is likely to reach freezing. Therefore, winter.

That is not to say that the year is over, far from it. There are so many exciting things happening. I’m in touch with editor-in-chief at left lion, pitching a few article ideas. With any luck, they’ll take one and I’ll have my first article published. See http://www.leftlion.co.uk/for more about what they do.

Meeting at Nottingham Writer’s Studio for Nottingham Festival of Words Program. Does that make sense? The ‘Writer’s studio’ is a hub for writers, a meeting place and an area to work. Not only that but Aimee and Antonia from Writing East Midlands were there. Lovely people, slightly intimidating that they are so integral to the literary scene in Nottingham. I’m typesetting the program for the ‘Notts festival of Words’ is the festival in February. Any way, the wonderful people working behind the scenes had a chat with me about the design. A few changes to make, but they seem to like it.

It seems strange that I’m pursuing a career in writing when several years after entering primary school I still could not read. It was not until year 2 that I was diagnosed with Erlen syndrome and given a hideous pair of dark purple glasses. After this I devoured books, at a rate which left me with more fiction friends than real ones. secondary school was a fresh start with slightly paler glasses, and university began with clear lenses, but I needed tints and now have yellow/green lenses.

Well, I’m dyslexic and ever-so-slightly strange, and hoping that I seem to the world to be a haphazard genius, when I actually feel quite unorganized.

Often on deviantart.com writers and artists post about their set-up, the tools they use and show everyone what it looks like. So here it is, my desk space.

1. A document reader, given to me to help with my erlen syndrome and dyslexia…mainly it serves as a to-do list, covered in post-its.

2. Various papers, today we have a card from some flowers I was given and an advent calendar card (as I cannot eat chocolate ones.)

3. The ever-handy post-it block.

4. A loo roll, because I ALWAYS have a cold, or spill my tea, or my paint water.

5. Random stationary; fine-liners, crochet hooks scissors and biros.

6. My laptop, where the magic happens. Loaded with Quark, Adobe student suite and microsoft office. The essential tool.

7. A lamp, usually pointed at the wall.

8. Egg timer for food and writing prompts.

9. Clock/ Alarm

10. Notebook number 14

11. Wireless mouse, because fewer wires on my desk is a brilliant thing.

12. Keyboard

13. Fountain pens- they make my writing look neater.

14. A notepad as I work

15. A graphics tablet, which I usually use as a mouse, but writing by hand and then using a stylus is taking its toll on my hand.

16. Tea, without it I would be lost.

17. Toys I talk to as I write, they are excellent critics.

Thanks for reading,




2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. battypip says:

    * = Antonia! And I’m glad your stationery is stationary. Everyone was suitably impressed with your design and your comments… looking forward to seeing the final result 🙂

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