Is there a book inside me?

Perhaps it is selfish, but I don’t hope for one book. I hope for hundreds. I should be writing more, but I’ve been very busy with typesetting in the past few weeks. I have, however, pitched and had an article accepted to Left Lion- Nottingham’s culture and art’s magazine. I’m waiting to hear from them about revisions or editing, but hopefully it will all be sorted in the week.

I think I’ve mentioned the project I’m working on several times for Nottingham Festival of Words, nonetheless, I’m uploading what I hope is the final version to Pippa now, and on Tuesday it will be sent to the printers. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll have a copy in my hands in a few days! It seems that there is often a lot of build up to the things I do, and then they all rush out at once! It makes me seem very lazy for long periods, when really I’m working very hard behind the scenes.

The Sci-fi, fantasy and anime society have bee having several author visits. First, Christopher Priest, the gentleman who wrote ‘The Prestige’ which is now a major film. I brought his book about how this came about and also want to read his collection of short stories, but that is another matter. A few days ago Jim Snee visitied us. He is a steampunk publisher who accepts everything. EVERYTHING, as long as it goes through his editorial process. The society are going to be producing a collection of stories based on a few experiments going on at a fictional university… and I don’t want to say any more than that. But anyway, as long as I write a good story, that should be another piece of published fiction under my belt.

I’ve gone back to a short story I haven’t written for a long time, and adopted Christopher Priest’s method of printing out his drafts and typing them up again from scratch, changing them as he goes. The second draft is at 3700 words, or there abouts, and much better- I feel. It may still need a third draft.

I rang some magazines to see if they were in the market for freelance work (as a book on freelance journalism told me too- Catherine Quinn, you genius.) I tried the first one and they said no, the second one didn’t pick up and my emails bounced, and the third said ‘Not really but we’ll have a look.’ So I’ve sent my pitch to their email address with crossed fingers. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll take it, but who knows? ….UPDATE: all the emails to that company have bounced. Very disappointing.

Notebook number 14 is nearing its final pages, which has made me think about how I house my words. Take a look at AL Kennedy’s article on a writer’s nest:

And take a look at this if you have a moment:

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to decorate a place lately. I think pinterest has a lot to answer for.

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