November, December

So much has happened recently. The typesetting seems to be going well, and I’ve finished Pippa’s business card. I can’t wait to see it. After months of work, the Nottingham Festival of  Words programme has been printed! I haven’t seen one ‘in the flesh’ yet, but I’ve seen the proofs and those that have seen it are very positive.

I met with James Walker of Left Lion to do a review of Species, ended the discussion with that article, another on the children’s events happening in the Notts festival and a request to send a list of people I want to interview. Had a great talk about publishing. I’m a bit concerned that the arts cuts aren’t even in affect yet and already there is less opportunity for writers, artists and ‘creatives’ (which I call the people who are artists, but not necessarily in the conventional sense but are part of the arts nonetheless.) My first article with Left Lion is now published. Want to read it? Go to:–lactoseless/id/5435

There is good mixed with bad. I’ve had a rejection for a short story, not to worry, it might not be ready yet, but I had some pretty good feedback, so it’s not all doom and gloom. I’m currently working on a two others, which are currently at 7575 words and 1031 words. There is still a lot of work to do until I’m happy with them.

I met with Cathy Grindrod, a font of information and inspiration, who is helping me with my 3rd year project. (I think that’s the right use of ‘who’!) I definitely need to focus my project, she’s quite right. Now I just need to work out how to do that…Education-Emily Cooper_DSC7554 v2

While I’m thinking take a look at a video interview I did for the course:

I didn’t realize I sounded like that, in my head I’m not nearly so southern!

We filmed/took photos on Jubilee campus in Nottingham University. the building behind me is the Dearing building which all my classes and seminars take place in. I think I look rather whimsical sitting there. In reality I was FREEZING (yes, I do believe I am justified using capitals here) and the sun was shining in my eyes- which accounts for my squinting in the video.

That’s all for now,

Thanks for reading,



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