A week in the life of a writer


I slept in. I’d blame my alarms, but it’s my unwillingness to move that’s a problem. When I keep a routine, this is much easier. So, the routine must be replaced. I re-drafted an article for left lion, said goodbye to a housemate, who is leaving for Christmas. Then watched a episode of game of thrones with lunch. For the next so-long I worked on my project write up, getting everything into order and went hunting for the quotes I know are in my penultimate notebook. Ended up re-reading ideas and planning new articles as well. It is now 4pm, I have a headache and have been staring at my screen too long, but essay is beginning to shape up nicely.

If you haven’t watched this, do: http://www.holycow.com/dreaming/visions/neil-gaiman-addresses-the-class-of-2012/


Doctors to get enough medicine for the holidays. More preparation for coursework and packing. Discovery of essays to help me write an 2500 word long essay. I don’t think it’s going badly.

After this point, with going home for the holidays and last minute Christmas preparation the week of writing went steadily down hill.

But today I have finished a short story, ready for publication and am sending it out. It is called ‘The Tide’ and is on the literary side of fiction. Here’s a sneak peek at the very beginning:

The Tide

A hollow, round bottomed boat bounded over the waves. Inside there was a creaking, of old rope and empty mouths lined with salt.The tide had taken them, held them on the sea too long, and as the summer evenings began to chill, the odd little boat delivered itself back to the world.

                Martha and John walked on the beach that night, arguing. It had been a long time since they had considered themselves lovers. John cursed under his breath while Martha’s tears cooled on her cheeks.

I’m also working on some new articles; a review of Matthew Bourne’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and another on the top ten tools for seamstresses. We’ll see if anyone takes the latter 🙂 My coursework is going well, but taking over my time for creative writing. I need to set myself more time aside for writing for writing’s sake, as this makes me much happier. No pressures, not intending to send off those words anywhere- just the joy of creation.


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