I sent off an email to a new photography magazine. It hasn’t yet been launched, and is looking for freelance writers. I’d been making a list of topics for articles, and I surprised myself- I hadn’t put photography on that list! Quite shameful, anyway, its been fixed. The email had to include a few ideas for articles, and I now have seven ideas. Even if they don’t choose to go ahead with me, I’ll still see what I can do with those ideas.

Right now I’m constantly checking my inbox. There are so many exciting emails I’m waiting for. I need David Almond to get back to me about an interview we’re doing, various literary journals to tell me if my submissions have been accepted or rejected and a few magazines to tell me if my articles have been accepted.

The amount of spam emails is exhausting me. When I see the little bar at the top of my screen reading ‘Hotmail (1)’ I excited, and hurriedly checking… oh no, it’s just MSN messenger or someone trying to scam me. *sigh*

I wish internet surfing was a sport. I’d be very fit right now. As it is, research and writing my dissertation will have to do.





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