So I begin the day with a lie in, a pretty good way to begin any day, and then get up and check my emails. I’ve been firing off questions, stories for publication and article pitches lately, and been getting anxious to hear the results.

Today I had an email from David Almond:

‘Hi Emily,

I’m around this afternoon if that’s any good… Yes, fine to record.

Short, sweet, and music to my ears. Today was the day I interviewed him about his work with NTU (Nottingham Trent University) and his recent work with Dave McKean. I am a huge fan of both of them, and had to keep a straight face as we began the interview.
‘Imagine the cosy restaurant somewhere in Nottingham, tea, coffee and comfy chairs. There’s a couple talking nosily at the next table. There’s a notebook perched on my knees, glasses on my nose and a pen in my hand… and the questions begin….’
Except this was an interview conducted at range. I assume David is in Nottingham, while I’m in Kent, so in the end we spoke on the phone. We began with my prepared questions by ended up talking about children’s literature, creative writing courses and creation myths (which is what his new book Mouse Bird Snake Wolf is about.) Now I just need to know what my word count is for the article (which I have no doubt I will go horribly over and have cut back by the lovely editors of LeftLion magazine) and I’ll write.
I haven’t actually done any writing today, although I still have plenty of time to change that.
What else have I done? Lynn Cooper (my marvelous Mum) invited me to be part of her design team at Scrapology, her craft club. (Find them at So I’ve been scrapbooking all day, with paper and glue all over my desk and more of a mess than usual. I have ink and paint all over my hands, and a 12″ x12″ page on my desk.
Today has been a brilliant day. It feels like my writing life is actually beginning outside of University. This isn’t an assessment, this is my writing, for me- and I’m love this feeling.
Let’s see what the kids think!
How was your day?

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