Love, Lace and David Almond


I suppose you can see that my attempt to blog every day for a week failed, but no matter, I was only chipping away at coursework- and no one wants to read about that. Well, I managed five days in a row at least! One thing is certain, this blog post is far overdue.

Last week I visited the lovely Elaine Aldred to brush up on ebook production, and then an interview on what I’m up to at the Nottingham Festival of Words. It’s only two weeks away, and then I’ll have taught a workshop at Nottingham Trent University.

David Almond, surrounded by his characters

David Almond, surrounded by his characters

Other hugely exciting things happening this month- Left Lion have published my interview of David Almond. Yes, that’s right, David Almond, author of Skellig, the Savage and lecturer at NTU. I am very lucky I caught this article, I’m a fan of David’s writing. Let’s pretend I didn’t get a little flustered before I rang him, but I think I was a perfectly normal (ha!) human being once the interview began. Left Lion asked for an illustration to accompany the article, but didn’t run with it. Still, I can put it up here.

Interviewing him by phone was a little difficult, but luckily my sister lent me her Dictaphone and I recorded the whole thing. Having since met and interviewed Adrian Reynolds (a freelancer and writer based in Nottingham) without such gadgetry, I have brought myself one too. My phone isn’t clever enough *sigh*

Any way, that’s a quick rambling update.

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