Nottingham Festival of Words

Good Afternoon,

The Newton Arkwright Building

The Newton Arkwright Building

Well today’s the day I went to Nottingham Trent’s Arkwright building to teach for two hours on writing comics. I’ll be putting the handouts from the class into the next blog, and a booklet about writing comics, including what we worked on today. The script which we took a look at was ‘Julius’ by Antony Johnston. If you’d like to read on, or see the finished comic, go to (

If you can’t remember the online software we used in class, it was It’s online, easy to get on with, and formats your scripts as you go. A resource I couldn’t do without.

Here’s a list of books I mentioned if you’d like to take a look at any of them, and some that I didn’t which are just fantastic:

  • Violent Cases, Neil Gaiman
  • Writing Comics, Scott Mccloud
  • The Comical Tragedy and Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch, Neil Gaiman

And here’s a list of webcomics I really love. I’m so surprised that none of my students today read any!

  • Gunnerkrigg
  • Minus
  • Strays
  • Fox Sister
  • DAR!

I hope you’ll enjoy them, and for those that went to my talk- that you enjoyed them 🙂


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