The Interviewed and Interviewee

Words recorded, written up and woven into something (I hope) is interesting

Lately, life has been hectic, but fun. I’ve interviewed Adrian Reynolds, but coursework found its way to the top of my ‘to do list’, and (of course) took priority. It will be online soon- promise! Perhaps I can placate you with my David Almond interview, which has found its way online onto Left Lion’s website, not just in print. I met David yesterday at his talk, and as I didn’t have any copies of his books with me (all at home in Kent! Although I could have asked him to sign my kindle.)

David Almond signed my notebook

If you’d like to read the article and weren’t able to get your hands on a copy, go to

It was good to meet him, and no longer be ‘that voice on the phone that interviewed you’. I managed to get to the talk, but only by abandoning the bus and walking down a very steep, slushy hill. I arrived, bedraggled and damp- just in time for the talk.

I’ve also been interviewed by Elaine Aldred, a fellow writer on the BA course: ( It’s a packed article, full of great questions and the best answers I can give. It’s not just about writing, but the other creative things I’ve been doing recently. I’ve also met Adrian Reynolds and artist ‘Mike’, we’ll be talking about the possibility of me lettering a comic. Which is going ahead!

I’ve been teaching, and after writing my first article for Heart of glass magazine- I’m a columnist now! Scary thought. Angela Foxwood also writes for them. I interviewed her recently- it will be up soon!

A hectic post for a hectic week.

I’m loving it.



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