Angry Robot: Day One

Today marked my first day as an in-house intern for Angry Robot. For those that don’t know, Angry Robot is a publisher of sci-fi and fantasy books, and also has two other imprints, Strange Chemistry (Young Adult Fiction) and Exhibit A (their new crime/thriller imprint.) It was a quiet day in the office today. Just me and Amanda- who runs Strange Chemistry. So, what does a publishing intern do?

My first task- to help fill Strange Chemistry’s blog with interesting things. So, I wrote a response to ‘The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday. It’s a weekly post of books that you want to read or think will be interesting. If you want to know what literary adventures I have planned, take a look:

Next up- getting books reading to send to reviewers. I got friendly with masking tape and cardboard, covering myself in little paper shavings. I don’t mind, Amanda doesn’t seem to like the job, and I managed to make it into a fine art. My handwriting however is a little lack-luster. I think I will need to bring my sharpie with me next time…

And then? I surfed the internet in style, gathering quotes about Strange Chemistry’s marvellous book The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke. It wasn’t difficult to compile three pages of quotes for marketing material as most reviewers loved it. This took quite a while, and I think I’ve been convinced- I’d really love to read that book.

My final task for today involved reading. Amanda emailed me two book proposals to look over and write reports on. For those who might want to give reading manuscripts a try, here’s Angry Robot’s basic report template- although it’s rarely stuck to and isn’t gospel. ReadersReport I wrote one report before leaving, as it wasn’t hard to see after fifty pages that this book wasn’t my cup of tea. It was written in a dream-like state, which might sound good, but just didn’t attach me to the story. I can say no more.

I had a lovely time, sitting at Marc’s desk (and praying I didn’t leave any mess… but his scissors may now be gummed up with parcel tape forever more,) chatting with Amanda. I think we got on well and I’m really looking forward to Day Two, which will be next Tuesday.

An excellent day.


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