Angry Robot: Day Two

My second day at Angry Robot – this time with a full office. With Marc in New York, Lee, Amanda, Darren and I spent the morning working. A quick reminder, Angry Robot is a publisher of sci-fi and fantasy books, and also has two other imprints, Strange Chemistry (Young Adult Fiction) and Exhibit A (their new crime/thriller imprint.)

I spent quite a while collecting information on the three imprints from Amazon, checking all the books to be released between May-Sept. Compiling an excel document, with conditional formatting and all the trimmings.

Then came packaging up books to send out to reviewers. Copies of Zenn Scarlett and The Lives of Tao were sent out to Wales, England and Bangladesh. I think I have packaging down to a fine art.

Then we packed up and went for lunch at the Pitcher & Piano and discussed the future of publishing for Angry Robot. Each of them brought ideas to the table, and I’m quite proud I kept up and was able of offer some assistance. I don’t think I can say more about that, only that Angry Robot has big plans for the future of its imprints.

I’ll be back to Angry Robot after Easter, I can’t wait!



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