Fortune Telling

Today I turn twenty one. I have passed through the gates into the realm where ‘it’s only X number of years until I’m thirty.’ I’m confident that these are going to be the best and hardest years of my life. But what a way to go.

My sister and I with a masterpiece of bakery

My sister and I with a masterpiece of bakery, thinking of wishes

I’m on a publishing internship, I’ve almost finished my BA in ‘Creative and Professional Writing’ with just one more piece of coursework to do and hand in. The wide world is calling, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

Of course, I have lots planned once the deadlines are out of the way. Lettering for ‘Dadtown’ for one. To quote Adrian – ‘Yay Team Dadtown’. Who’s in the team? There’s Adrian, writer and freelancer-extraordinare, whose script goes to Mike ‘the artist’, then Jess (colourist) and then me. Letterer… obsessed with… well… letters? It’s basically typesetting but with a comic book pages. To be honest, most of my work is done for me by Mike who panels the page and arranges the art (shhhhhh, don’t tell him that!)

I can’t wait to get stuck in to everything I have planned, including a little venture I’d like you to help me with. Yes, you! Everyone has a story inside them, and I’d like to help new writers get published. I’ve tried getting my own short stories published, and had one accepted. While rejection letters no longer phase me, and I’ll continue writing, I don’t want other writers to be neglected, just because their work doesn’t ‘fit’ in a publication. So that’s why I’m working on for writers who’ve had less than 3 stories or poems published elsewhere, and making the most of digital publishing – because I think there’s more to explore with ebooks.

The editors of Angry Robot and I sat over lunch, talking about the future of publishing, and that conversation has me all fired up to work on my own publishing venture. I just need content, and perhaps a Kickstarter project to help me get the ball rolling. This is going to be a place for good art.

Thinking forward, thinking futures, I defined my mountain – my aim that I want to work towards with my writing. It helped to ramble, to splurge and not censor myself. I was surprised with the honesty of the results, and come up with the following. It’s close to my heart, and do-able

I want to write with professionalism, integrity and excellence. I want to sample areas of writing, and learn what I love to do, learn it well and do it often. I want to my words to be shared, to be published, online and in print. I want to be dependable and keep deadlines. I want to be a published journalist, short-story writer and occasional poet. I want continue to experiment with visual stories, be it comics, typesetting or scripts. I want to forget the rules, because the no longer apply and have never helped me do anything but stay under the radar. what do I want? I want to be part of a community of writers, I want to help them, I want to write that children’s book I have in my head. I want to be creative, look creative, and think creatively. I want to support myself with my writing, but not tap my creativity in a way that it runs out and I’m left selling out. Integrity, remember.

With every post I am gaining more followers- and I want to thank everyone who takes a little time out of their day to read what I have to say about books, publishing and things I want to share. Thank you to friends, family and fellow bloggers. Thank you.


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