Lines in the Sand

University life is over.P1050561 I have been to every lecture, tutorial and workshop that my course has offered over the past three years. I have submitted the final pieces of coursework. I have no more exams to take.

It’s time for me to take on the real world now. I’m scared and excited, and praying that I get a job in the publishing industry. I’ll write, edit or typeset my way through life. I’m proud of the skills that I’ve learnt. But I’ve been in education since I was four. I’m now twenty-one, and I want some experience. I want to make mistakes, learn from them and live like only I can.

So, taking a short break away from freelance tasks that don’t support me (but I do because I love the projects, for experience and to improve my portfolio) I want to Suffolk. As you can see from the picture on the right, I went to a beach with a friend. This is Shingle Street, a beach of historical and scientific interest. Many of the plants on this beach are protected.

What I wanted to see, was the line of white shells going from the sea, to the coastguard cottages. This is not a natural occurrence. Originally created by Lida Kindersley and Els Bottema, it has been added to, straightened and enjoyed by visitors to the beach.  This line has gained a mythic status in my mind. Like Stonehenge, it is a man made structure. But it is fragile, wind and tide move it about, but it is kept strong by the people who visit it. If that’s not faith, I don’t know what it. Nature needs no God. This is how people appreciate Suffolk and its waterways. Even though the beach was bitterly cold and the wind stung my face, there was a quietness there. Peace. I am sure many people have written poetry about Shingle Street.

Standing on that beach, during this time of uncertainty has done a lot for me. I don’t know my future. Will I be able to find a job? Will I move out? Will I be happy? Will I still have the same friends in a year’s time or will we be split across several countries once more? All I know right now, is that I will be returning from this break to finish my internship at Angry Robot, continuing to help Pewter Rose Press and job hunting like my life depends on it- because it does.

Thank you for reading,


p.s. If you’d like to see my new article on Neverwhere in its different forms, go to


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