Angry Robot: Day Three


This week I finished off an article for HeartofGlass magazine, typeset a flyer for an exotic garden (in Henstead, lovely place), met up with a friend and am now packing to go back to University. And today? Another eventful morning in the Angry Robot office.

There was the usual packaging of books for reviewers, stacks and stacks of them. For those awaiting review copies of the Blue Blazes, Penance or Wounded Prey, they’ll be out soon. The life of an intern is a glamorous one – especially when sorting the bookshelves. I’m quite clumsy and managed to drop several books very often. Truly it was a mountainous task in such hot weather. I slowly wilted in the office, carrying stacks of books.

Upon learning that most of their typesetting is outsorced, I gave Amanda and Lee copies of my business card. A little cheeky perhaps, but I’ve learnt that you can never get anywhere if you don’t ask.

So what next? Stay tuned as the internship continues. Last weekend I worked as a script supervisor for ‘The Culling’ – a short film of horror. Scary stuff – and I’ll be typing up my experience for this blog, just give me a moment.

Aaaaaaand I found this little blog post about ‘How to impress and editor’, it might be of use to you if you’re looking to go into publishing:




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