Pewter Rose and App

Hello all, long time no see.

Life has become more chaotic since finishing university, and although I haven’t yet graduated, job-hunting is going on regardless. This is not to say that I have neglected my other pursuits, nor my work with publishing houses. Pewter Rose Press have been very patient with me, and I am very grateful for that. Luckily, they like the work I’ve been doing for them, including the cover for ‘Still Me…’ an anthology of work by writing group All Write Then. The proceeds will go to an excellent cause.

Layout 1Taa Daa! The ebook cover design. The cover continues, wrapping around the spine of the book and is a collection of photographs from my family tree. The lovely red-haired lady is not me, but a friend I photographed a while ago.

In other typesetting news ‘There an app for everything – even murder.’ This is my friend’s ebook App which I’ll be typesetting for him.

Chris wrote his first book at 18, published at 19, and after studying at University, he’s finished his second and is self-publishing at 23. Impressive, don’t you think?

To support his writing and take a look at what he’s up to with this project go to

Thanks for reading


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