Angry Robot: Day Four

What happens when you find your dream job, but there isn’t an opening? Oh well, I’ve just been doing my best in every task Angry Robot has given me. This includes posters for various book signings for BookExpo America. As I was leaving, Carolione asked, ‘Are you arty?’ Naturally, I saw typesetting!

Layout 1It was a relatively quiet day at the office, with just Lee, Caroline and myself on our various computers. I began by packaging up copies of Lawless and Penance, so if you’re waiting for a copy to review, they’ll be with you shortly.

The rest of my day was mostly taken up by compiling a list of book awards and their deadlines which Angry Robot might consider entering. There are more book awards and in greater variety that I had previously thought. For Crime, Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror- I’ve hunted them all. And as Angry Robot operates in both America and the UK (in the middle of defining this) they are eligible for many more awards than most publishers. This took longer than my hours in the office, and I finished it off today.Layout 1

Just in time, I found the World Fantasy Awards deadline was days away. Voicing this aloud, and in a very short time, we’d sent out submission in.

I also collected a list of air lines flying to St Lucia, their in-flight magazines and their editors. Why? For consistency in a book in the Angry Robot list.Layout 1

That’s all for now, but I’ve been given a book to proof-read for Lee. Who knows? Maybe I’ll become an editor for AR?


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