… I posted the proposal for a non-fiction book to a publisher in London. Who knows? Perhaps they will want me to write it. I had the idea for this book several years ago, while I was teaching pinhole photography at Townley Grammar School. There aren’t really any good textbooks readily available for a modern reader, and certainly none which talk about modern photography techniques and how you can combine them.

Once upon a time, darkrooms could be found in schools, homes and in the dwellings of eccentrics. Now? I was lucky to have one at Townley, and luckier that they were teaching Photography at AS and A2 lever – which meant I had free reign over the little room. Being photography prefect helped of course, and I was often elbow deep in chemicals.

Any way, in the second year of my Creative Writing degree, we produced proposals for a non-fiction book, and surprise surprise, I chose modern pinhole photography.

Who knows, perhaps the proposal will be accepted and I’ll write the book?  I certainly hope so.

I will be leaving Nottingham soon, and do not know when I can return. There doesn’t seem to be a job for me there, so I’m heading back to Kent, and probably to London.

Wish me luck,




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