Lowdam and Little Waiting

Good morning all,

Recently, I’ve been working for Pewter Rose Press (a small publishing venture in Nottingham, with great people and great vision.) I’ve been editing, typesetting and doing cover design. But now I’m leaving Nottingham, my studies are over, and so is my internship. And now the books and short stories I’ve been working on are in print, I was given copies.P1050750

You may recognise the title ‘Still Me…’ from an earlier blog entry. I designed a complex cover, but All Write Then decided to go for something simpler, and the book on the right of this image is the result. It’s a fantastic collection of stories, and all profits are going to an excellent cause. My favourite story is about a selkie wife, who goes back to the sea. Its call is present throughout her life with her husband, and eventually, it brings her back. She disappears. It is a sad, and beautiful.

On the left is a pamphlet containing a single short story, called ‘Shells’. Pewter Rose have selected the best of their publications and have begun to print them in single volumes. The series is called ‘Miniature Roses’, and will contain a few more stories soon enough.

I went with Pewter Rose to Lowdam Festival (any excuse to go.) I hadn’t been before, but I am determined to sample the literary scene of Nottingham before I go. It was somewhere between a village fete and a series of talks. There were stalls, and even a printing press (where I was allowed to print my own name.) The smell of this ink was wonderful. I think I’m in love- but what can you expect from me? Who has a kindle, but borrows books from the library.

I hope I can come back to Nottingham. I’m not done here. I feel that the work I’ve been doing, at Nottingham University, Angry Robot, and especially Pewter Rose, has made a difference. I hope I’ll get a job in publishing in London, where I can learn. Then to come back and share what I’ve learned with the wonderful creatives of Nottingham.


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