I didn’t sleep well last night. The unknown news was on my mind. What will it be today? Who will I be speaking to? Already I have noted down the Spain rail crash. But I won’t do more research until I get in at 11 (or earlier!!) just in case the topics have already been decided. It is hot. I’ve been sleeping in my brother’s room, but he’s coming home today, so I expect it will be a night on the sofa for me.

The NewsRoom for TV. I walked through it... my claim to fame :) It was a hive of reporters and researchers!

The NewsRoom for TV. I walked through it… my claim to fame 🙂 It was a hive of reporters and researchers!

Yesterday I had an idea for a writing challenge. Using the programs used by the BBC- twitter, facebook, and Skype- I would like to do do something similar. I want to write a current news story, on the move, using only my tablet and an internet connection. Let’s see how mobile journalism can work.

I was early today, and began on a series of ideas. The program I was most interested in creating concerned a three year-old asylum seeker who died on the way to Australia. I found a group called Chilout ( a community project who help the cause of children detained in immigration detention centres. I also found an Australian yachting club’s contact details, but unfortunately, it was impossible to use this idea because of the time difference.

Instead the team focused on Iranian beauty, modesty in covering, and the use of (halal) make up when only your eyes are visible. Is that modest?

Everyone had a strong opinion on the subject, women, wives and their husbands. What amazed me is the courage of the speakers we found. With very little preparation, they were happy for us to disrupt their days in order to speak on national radio. The WHYS team is fantastic. Where else would you find a team happy to research, write and produce their show.

11am- Start looking for pitches

11:46 Listening to the first broadcast.

12:30 Pitch Meeting- nice and quick, and back on the computer hunting for speakers.

3:30 Quick meeting to see how everyone is getting on. I’ve found several definite guests.

5:30 Still looking for a speaker who wears full cover- a burka.

5:55 A speaker arrives.

6:02- in S33, the program begins.


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