A Short Story

After a little freewriting this morning, I have a story taking shape, with no idea what’s going to happen next. I welcome suggestions!


A Good Pair of Shoes Cost a Day’s Wages


Victoria Worth was not a woman prone to smiling. Her desk was a battlefield, her troops lined up with military precision, and woe betide anyone who blundered into her office and upset the ‘way things are done here’.

Unfortunately for Miss Worth, she had chosen the vocation ofteacher. While she no longer had a class to take care of, a whole school of pupils was now her responsibility. And there were many blunderers. People who strayed from the path, some who were pushed, and some who jumped off of it laughing. Miss Worth dealt with them all.

A timid knock on the door began Victoria’s day.


The door opened a fraction, ‘Miss Worth, I think you’d better see this.’

Instead of a scared, slightly ruffled student, her normally neat secretary held the door open. From behind her desk, Victoria raised her eyebrows, ‘Now? You know, I’m rather busy-‘

A crash. The windows shook. There were screams.

Victoria felt a pulse of adrenaline flow through her like a lighting bolt. She was running through the hall before she had a moment to reprimand herself for doing so, ‘Where?’

Together, school mistress and secretary marched through the halls. Students clutched one another and nursed their bruises.




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