Day 10: Nanowrimo

I am ridiculously behind on my word count, but I still expect to succeed this year’s Nanowrimo challenge. This maybe because I define success differently, but the purpose this year was to get me writing on a daily basis, to shake myself up a bit and get back to writing (even a little) every day.P1050608

I had some fantastic news today, and I’d like to share a project idea with the internet. It is called ‘Ancient Crafts for Modern Times’. It is a book (or rather, an ebook… with a possible print run.) It would be a series of interviews, articles, patterns, a brief bit of history, and ‘how to’s from bloggers, re-enacters, larpers, tailors and wardrobe Mistresses about their crafts, the materials and how we use them today. I am determined that the book would also include patterns and instructions for several craft projects.

I will need to get better at marketing, I know that, but I think the best way to learn is to ‘do’. (And read a large amount of books on the subject.) Well, the bit of news, is that one of the bloggers I have contacted is interested. This may not seem like a large step forward to some, but believe me- it is. I co-managed a student anthology, and creating a project, helping it to ‘live’ and grow in people’s hearts is all important.

I am looking for specialists in ancient crafts. I have contacted several people already. Perhaps I shouldn’t be taking on ‘another’ project, but I think that this one needs to be out in the world. I am certain of it.


Edit:  I forgot to mention, a new independant bookshop has opened in Nottingham. If you live around that area, I’d recommend it. Not only do I know the fine people running it, but I went in this weekend (as it opened its doors.) The Five Leaves bookshop has a variety of books published by small presses (including five leaves) and ‘big’ books such as Neil Gaiman’s latest work ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane’. Such a mix of fantastic books in one place, books I don’t think I could find anywhere else, not even Waterstones. The variety and quality of the books is testament to the various talents of the Five Leaves staff. Here’s their blog:

Happy reading 🙂


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