Over the past two years, I’ve written several book reviews for leftlion (Nottingham’s free culture magazine). To ensure that I keep copies of what I’ve written for them, I’m posting them here too. So, without further ado:


Jack Croxhall

£1.85 (Kindle), SP

Tethers has all the ingredients for a great children’s book. A hunt for a magical artefact, swash-bucking lessons and a mysterious diary. It’s practically a pirate story with all their travels through waterways and Jack Croxall gives his readers a book following Karl and Esther as they are pursued by a vicious set of twins and their henchmen. I desperately wanted the author to write a bumpier road- to really make me sit up and listen but I felt I was following rather than being a part of the action. In books, children sneak off and save the day, but here they follow orders from the adults. While the danger steadily grew, I still felt like I was in the back seat. I’d happily recommend it for a rainy afternoon.


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