It’s been two years since I graduated from Nottingham University’s Creative and Professional Writing course. Since then, I’ve had two jobs. The first was a job with a design agency working as a QA Assistant. I really enjoyed my time there, but as the job focused around editing price strips rather than actual copy, I left to go to an e-learning company, which is where I am now. Now I write content, I edit my writing (and the writing of my fellow Scriptwriters), I communicate with people, and I am constantly learning. And I can say I write for a living, even though its not creative writing (which I think is a good thing.)

In addition to this, I work next to the University of Nottingham’s main campus. I walk through there at least twice a day. And I miss academia. I really do.

So, what are you going to do?

I remember one on my university tutors David Kershaw (who is sadly no longer with us) talking about the Society for Proofreaders and Editors courses. And today, I this learning will begin.

I’m taking the ‘Copy-editing’ online course. This will allow me to work from home, and learn how to really improve my writing, and that of others. I have had some ideas in the past to a small publishing venture, and I haven’t forgotten this, but I would like to brush up my skills in a constructive way before I embark on this.

Er, Emily… I thought you wanted to be a writer. Why are you doing copy-editing?

I am on that road, but I think that creative passion should not be made to work. It should be the thing you do for enjoyment. If you sell your stories, that’s another thing entirely. But it seems that since the course, my writing has been burnt out. I still have a passion for publishing, and want to continue to work in similar roles, so I’ll be taking training which will complement my writing, and help me to improve.


I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll update the blog as I go, and with any insights I learn along the way.

Thanks for reading,





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